Volunteer Teams: Define Outcomes, Not Steps

Volunteer Outcomes

“The best volunteer teams excel when the expectations are set by defining the right outcomes, not the right steps.”

No one likes being in the hot seat. Setting volunteers up for failure is a sure-fire way to both kill volunteer involvement and decimate volunteer morale. With this in mind, church leaders often do their best to set up volunteers for success. The only problem is that the good intentions of protecting volunteers often leads to defining exacting steps and rigid procedures. For some volunteers, this kind of structure is safe and easy. Yet the best volunteer teams are those which are empowered to step outside of the lines and respond to personal ministry opportunities not outlined in a training manual.

Your best volunteers need a framework to operate within and the freedom to make decisions that are people-focused. Guidelines are just that: guides. Define the right outcomes and you’ll find your best volunteers making the right steps to high engagement. That’s a win-win-win scenario.

QUESTION: What areas of volunteer ministry need to shift away from rules and focus more on relationships?


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