The Parable of the Talented

A good friend of mine is a campus pastor of a large multi-site church. Like many pastors, he hangs out after service to meet new people and make himself available to answer questions or to pray for folks.

Talent is God’s gift to you, regardless of what the dictionary says. What you choose to do with your talent is your gift to God.

One Sunday, a man came up to the campus pastor and began to tell about his long career of singing professionally. He dropped a lot of names, talked about the albums he’d been on and the times he’d toured with various groups. He was, without a doubt, a very talented man.

The man then asked the pastor how a singer got to be on the worship team at the church. The pastor told him that the worship team had a policy of holding auditions a few times a year and that once accepted, the singers would start by serving in small venues. New singers and musicians would first serve with the children’s and youth ministries and do behind-the-scenes volunteering for one full year before being considered for worship leading during any of the main services at the campuses.

The man nearly interrupted the pastor during this explanation and said, “Yes, but for someone like me, with my experience and my talent; how long for someone like me to get on the main stage?”

The pastor looked into the talented mans’s eyes and, with a slight smile, said, “Oh, for you? I imagine that would take about two years.”


Dont’ be impressed by talent; be impressed with servanthood.

Don’t be impressed by ability; be impressed with availability.

Don’t be impressed by experience; be impressed with their heart.



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