Church(ology) – Celebrating Growth, But Respecting Health

By Anthony Coppedge on November 13th In Church Leadership, Metrics, Systems & Processes

If I were to sum up the most used hashtag at every church conference over the last several years, it’s going to include “growth”. Maybe it’s #churchgrowth or #smallgroupgrowth or, simply, #growth, but there is a huge amount of attention and effort aimed at growing churches. I celebrate growth, but I respect health. I’ve been […]

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7 Key Steps of Recruiting, Training and Retaining Church Volunteers

By Anthony Coppedge on July 9th In Volunteerism

I’ve written on burnout (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & also this one) and volunteer issues before, but the key to avoiding those issues is right-fitting volunteers and placing safe boundaries around their workload. In my experience, there are three parts (Recruit, Train, Retain) to this process, so I’ve included my 7 Steps of Recruiting, Training […]

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By Anthony Coppedge on April 26th In Personal Development

“You can’t win alone, but you can practice alone.” You may or may not follow Football (the real name, but we call it “Soccer”), but the picture above is of Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest player alive and – many believe – the best to ever play the game. When Leo was a little boy, […]

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Tradition Prefers Failure to Innovation

By Anthony Coppedge on April 23rd In Church Leadership, Strategic Ideation

I remember the first time I heard of IDEO - a famous firm that seemingly few have heard about – a company that helps others innovate. It was at a company meeting with Fellowship Technologies where CEO Jeff Hook was inspiring us to help innovate in the church market. I was surprised at the number of products […]

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Extending Digital Media Webinar

By Anthony Coppedge on April 18th In Communications, Social Media Management

I was recently asked to present a webinar for churches and non-profits on how to extend digital media. In it, I covered trends and stats and offered my recommendations for churches that were not new to social media or strategic communications, but also ensured those still ramping up their digital media efforts would not be […]

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Success and Preparation

By Anthony Coppedge on April 15th In Church Leadership, Strategic Ideation

“Great moments don’t just happen; preparation makes them possible.” Our culture celebrates success, excessively. From highlight reels to election results to victory parades, we love seeing the big wins played out on screen or stage. So it is with churches. We create entire lists of the fastest-growing and largest churches in North America, which in […]

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Heart and Availability Trump Talent and Experience

By Anthony Coppedge on April 12th In Church Leadership, Volunteerism

“Dont’ be impressed by experience or ability; be impressed with heart and availability.” I’ll never forget the Sunday that we moved in to our new church auditorium, replete with all the new gear to make the room look and sound great. That’s when Mr. Expert showed up. It turns out he’d been attending for a […]

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What box? Tradition, Rationality and Revelation

By Anthony Coppedge on April 9th In Church Leadership, Personal Development

“Tradition: what has come before. Rationality: exercise of logical thought. Revelation: a perspective outside of the box.” I recently posted an Instagram photo of a piece of art that said “color outside the lines”. My comment was simply “what lines?” Perhaps it’s my personal viewpoint of looking at things through God’s hard-wiring of my mind, […]

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Love Wins

By Anthony Coppedge on April 8th In Church Leadership, Personal Development, Volunteerism

“When this is first (love), everything else isn’t as important.” My experience with pastors puts them into two general categories: highly relational-minded or highly performance-minded. Sure, there are relational pastors who are also focused on getting results, but in the thousands of conversations I’ve had with pastors, this seems to be the dividing line. You’ll […]

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Facebook Home, Churches & Less Noise

By Anthony Coppedge on April 4th In Social Media Management, Strategic Ideation, Technology for Churches

“We don’t need more technology. We need less noise in our technology.” Today, Facebook announced Facebook Home (see story by Mashable), currently available for Android only (interesting to me). Facebook Home is a collection of apps you can install to automagically turn an Android phone into a Facebook phone. It is an always-on, Facebook-focused graphical interface […]

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