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Ironically, the questions I’m asked the most by technically-minded leaders are not technical in nature; rather, they’re focused on the overarching aspects and responsibilities of leading staff and teams, managing multiple projects, organization and prioritization, and their own spiritual journey. Because this happens so frequently, I walk a small group of 6 or less leaders through personal coaching over three months.

Here’s how it works:

  • This private group is made up of staff from growing churches across North America. Some are very large, others are small, rapid growth churches.
  • I spend 45 minutes to one hour per week with each person via live video on Google Hangout. During these times, I provide personal coaching and mentoring for their growth & development and set weekly goals for them to achieve by the following week’s meeting.
  • My coaching focuses on increasing their relational effectiveness with staff and volunteers, developing better leadership and management skills, as well as encouraging a deeper spiritual walk.
  • Additionally, I use part of each week’s time to provide consulting on technical & organizational issues specific to their situation.
  • Every fourth week, we will spend an hour as a group, bringing all of the individuals together for an online round-table discussion using Google Hangout. This provides peer-to-peer networking, helpful connections, and a small accountability group for sharing successes, challenges, and prayer requests.

Who I coach

I have a mix of communication and technical church staff members. Sometimes it’s the Communications director or a talented young associate. Other times, I’ll have Technical Directors, audio/video/lighting staff, or I.T. or web staff members. The common denominator is that these are individuals who are good at what they do, but need to be great at leading others, too. In a local church, the added issues of leading non-paid volunteers and working cross-functionally with multiple departments is challenging. I help them step into the necessary role of leadership and management.

The cost is low, but the commitment is high.

At only $500 per month, this is a very strong value. However, I do require that each individual take this seriously, because I limit the group to a maximum of 6 people. Missing more than one session without prior notice removes that person from the group, as the group also misses out when individuals are not committed.

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