Love Wins


“When this is first (love), everything else isn’t as important.”

My experience with pastors puts them into two general categories: highly relational-minded or highly performance-minded. Sure, there are relational pastors who are also focused on getting results, but in the thousands of conversations I’ve had with pastors, this seems to be the dividing line. You’ll see the in their churches, too, where there either is – or isn’t – a premium placed on performance.

No matter where you fit into these generalized camps, the truth is that leading with love first ensures that the best outcomes are at least possible. Highly relational? Lead with love and both manipulation and taking advantage (either way) are forced out of the picture. Highly focused on performance? Lead with love and your high-capacity teams will not only do better work, they’ll be more loyal and will likely stick around even during hard seasons. It is, after all, one of the Greatest Commandments.

QUESTION: Think about your most recent interaction with your boss or your staff. Did love lead first?


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