Infographic: Social Media Trends Churches Must Understand

I’ve poured through dozens of statistics and aggregated the most recent trends on social media usage (in the U.S.). The result is a new Infographic created specifically to help church leaders understand the most important trends and apply them in their communications. Scroll your mouse over the graphics, and they’ll reveal the data!

Part of the impetus for this has been the volume of emails and calls I’ve taken from pastors asking me about the validity and value of social media for churches. The other part was that I love the simplicity and impact of infographics, so I wanted to try and visualize what I’ve been talking about for years.

This was a long labor of love, but I think you’ll enjoy sharing this with your pastor friends!

Feel free to add your thoughts and comments below and/or reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook.



  1. Cool post about importance of social media for churches…

  2. several of my ministry friends have asked about social media. Here is a very cool article!

  3. Great information. Loved sharing it with ministry friends who need help navigating social media and understanding the usefulness.

  4. Great information here. I am with a group blending church & ministry content and social media. It’s important for churches to look outside their walls to reach their congregations, potential congregants and the world with their messages. Trends tell us that they can be reached on their phones, tablets, game systems, and computers. We all need to go to where they are!



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