Good, Fast & Cheap for Churches


“Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick any two, because all three at once doesn’t exist.”

I certainly didn’t invent this concept, but I came to appreciate it – as us Texans say – right quick. On face value, it’s obviously true, yet I am still amazed at how often all three are expected in oh-so-many churches I’ve worked with over the years.

Look, it’s possible to buy good technology, get it fast and install it cheap with volunteer labor; but that’s not the meaning of this paradigm. This reality is about outcomes, not process. When someone wants something good, fast and cheap (that’s their desired outcome), they’ll inevitably find that there are always – always – trade-offs. Where I think many people get caught is in the definition of cheap. Cheap doesn’t always mean inexpensive. Cheap can be an attribute of quality, whether in craftsmanship, durability or lasting value.

If cheap is the highest priority, then the lowest priority will always be good.

QUESTION: Where has your church been hurt by missing this simple but profound principle? Comment below.

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