Facebook Rule of Thumb for Churches

Facebook Rule Of Thumb

Likes are good. Comments are better. Shares are best.”

As I teach the basics of social media, one of the easiest to understand lessons is this: engagement happens at different levels. For example, someone can click on an ad for your church website. Another person might actually fill out a Contact Us form. But the person who visits your website and then shares it with their social sphere of influence; that’s the best kind of engagement on social media.

This follows a basic principle in life, too. The business world has a name and a system for it: the Net Promoter Score, or NPSIt’s really very simple: on a scale of 1-10, where ten is the most favorable, how likely is a person to promote your brand? 1-6 scores only equal –1 point. 7-8 scores are thrown out. 9-10 equate to +1 point. If out of 10 people 5 of them rate your brand 1-6, that’s -5 points. If another 3 rate your brand 7-8, that’s 0 points. If only two people rate your brand 9-10 in how likely they are to promote your brand, that’s +2 points. The total Net Promoter Score in this example would be a negative three (-3). That doesn’t necessarily mean people hate the brand; they’re just not wild about it and unwilling to promote it to their friends.

On a personal level, you have a sphere of friends and acquaintances. Some will say “hi” as they pass you in a hallway. Others will give you a fist-bump or high-five as they pass by. Another will stop and get a hug or pat on the back and then take you over to say hello to one of their other friends or family. The level of engagement is different.

In the same way, how people engage on social platforms is similar. With Facebook, this general rule of thumb helps give a snapshot of how imminently shareable and valuable they find your content.

QUESTION: How is your church/ministry building greater engagement with people via social media?



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