Consulting & Coaching – Anthony Coppedge

Agile Marketing Training and Consulting

It is not the reality of change that’s particularly hard for Marketers; it’s the rate of change that is overwhelming the majority of marketing and communications leaders I hear from each week.

To lead an Agile Marketing team is to fully embrace the belief in the values and framework of agility, but the recent adoption of this way of thinking has left more than a few marketing leaders with precious few examples of effective leadership over Agile Marketing teams.

Through one or two-day training, I meet with MarCom teams to listen to their pain points, identify the alignment of deliverables to their organizational mission, and provide a framework for each team to discover the most effective application of Agile Marketing, from Scrum to Lean to Kanban to Scrumban. The way each organization adopts Agile Marketing should be unique to their culture, and I provide a safe and healthy place for this discovery process.

Creative Leadership Coaching

Get one-on-one with me for 45 minutes per week. During these times I provide personal coaching and mentoring for the growth & development of you as a leader and manager. This coaching focuses on increasing your relational effectiveness with your teams, peers, and executive leaders. You’ll develop better leadership and management skills, create documented systems and processes for consistent results, and apply your learnings in your 1-on-1’s. Coaching is based on a 3-month commitment.