When was the last time you collaborated on a project with someone outside of your organization? Or when was the last time your church collaborated with another church?

If you’re like me, you have a natural tendency to “do it yourself”. For me, the reasons are many and varied, but chief among them are my excuses:

I can do it faster by myself.

I don’t want to have to explain it to someone.

I must have total control over my project.

I don’t have the money to hire an outsider

I believe strongly in this project, so I must be the one to get it done.

These may all actually be true statements, but are they the right reasons?


It Takes More Than You

Even if you can do it by yourself, is that best? What if you brought in others for creative input? How would you receive critical feedback? Are you withholding the blessing of allowing someone to serve with their gifts because you won’t let it out of your hands?

Though not everything can or should be shared, I would submit that much of what we do could be better if we did share our projects. Here are some examples of where collaboration could be a game-changer for your church:

  • What would happen if a group of churches did a billboard campaign – as one – in your city?
  • Could your sermon be better if you used a creative team to plan months in advance on sermon series?
  • What would happen if you shared musicians and vocalists with smaller churches each month?
  • How many more volunteers would you have if you offered to include them beyond weekend services?
  • Where else could you make an impact in your church and community if you collaborated?

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