Church Leaders, Success, and Failure

All Success


All success is shared. All failure is the leader’s sole responsibility.”

At first glance, this statement may seem to be either untrue or, at the least, unfair. This statement is the linchpin of great leadership, though, and the implications have far-reaching effects.

When all success is shared the leader is quick to point out various members of the team who contributed to the win. These leaders are also the first to recognize that “crap only rolls uphill.” If there is a failure, the leader of a group owns the responsibility (“the buck stops here”), even if the mistake was not made by the leader. In this way, the team has greater trust in their leader and rallies together to learn from the mistake and keep it from happening again, if at all possible.

Humble leaders get this principle and teach it to their leaders-in-training. People will often follow this kind of leader farther and longer than any other leader type.

QUESTION: In what ways can your own leadership style adapt to reflect this reality?

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  1. I’ve had shining successes and dumbfounding failures. I prefer the success but have learned more, grown more, and been made better more from my failures. God uses ALL things… even our mistakes and failures. Good post!



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