Capturing Culture

When Steve Jobs introduced the Apple iPod almost 8 years ago, the product embodied far more than an elegant design, cool features and some great benefits: it personified the culture of Apple. As he gave his Keynote speech in 2001 at the Apple developer conference, Jobs’ explained that the decision to build the iPod was because “music is a part of everyone’s life”. He then spent the next two and a half minutes extolling the virtues of music, how people feel about music and their experience with music.

Apple understands UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface). They infuse their products with the innovative, fun environment that exists in their corporate culture.

At Fellowship Technologies, the culture is also a big part of what we believe, what we create and how we work. Since taking on the role of leading the Communications for the company, I’ve been impressed with and infused into the culture. So, when it was time to promote a huge re-design on the interface and experience of using our web-enabled church management software, Fellowship One, I wanted to capture some of this culture, specifically focusing on the software development team.

We captured the video on the new Canon 5D Mark II camera, with a variety of lenses, which I shot in full 1080i HD. I’m thankful that Kevin Dooley, a video director at a local church, was able to handle the role of DP for the shoot as we followed our storyboard and script of capturing the culture here at Fellowship Technologies. Here’s the satirical video we created:

Culture matters. For churches, this culture starts with the staff and extends into the leadership, worship services, ministry areas and community projects. How are you presenting the unique culture of your church to your community? What methods can you utilize to give people a peek into the very essence and DNA that exists exclusively in your church? You need to capture that culture. As my friend Allan Kelsey says: “Culture always wins.”


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