Best iPhone Apps for Churches?

I fully admit my admiration for the iPhone. As an iPhone user, my absolute favorite aspect of the device are the applications (Apps) I can download from the iTunes App Store. With that in mind, I’m sharing a few of my favorite apps that are useful for churches. Please share the names (and free/cost) for your favorite helpful apps for your church.

TweetDeck Dual Bubble Shazam Evernote TweetMicF1 Touch Login

TweetDeck is my favorite for managing my Twitter accounts and updating my Facebook status both on my iPhone and on my desktop (they sync).
Dual Level is just plain helpful for, well, leveling things.
Shazam will find almost any song that it can hear (using the iPhone mic), making it very helpful to find song titles, artists, albums and publishers.
Evernote is a clever little app that lets you stay organized and keep information easy to find.
TweetMic will publish audio your record into your iPhone to your Twitter account, making it useful as an audio blogging tool.
F1Touch is an app that works with Fellowship One (church management software) by Fellowship Technologies (where I work).

What are your favorites? Be sure to include the name and price (free/cost).



  1. Planning Center Online – (Service planning & volunteer scheduling) The app is FREE!
    Action Method – (Project Management) The app is FREE but the service is $12/mo.
    F1 Touch (Church Database) FREE!
    Shotgun Free – useful in creative meetings when we rule out an idea or project we can shoot it down with the shotgun.

  2. Planning center online for me as well which is free
    my number 2 favorite is Dipswitch- also free- dmx dipswitch calculator great for programing lights, especially for those of us who can't do binary more then a few digits in our head. Must have for any church TD.

  3. FFT by Studio Six Digital – $20
    Handy FFT/SPL Meter. Not calibrated, but an external calibrated mic is available.

  4. Remember the Milk (app free, service $25/year)
    Tweetie 2 ($3) – even Anthony admitted some of the features were cool – Twitter client
    Ping! – iPhone to iPhone PUSH messages – free
    Vonage – free calls over Wifi
    NTRConnect – remote access to you desktop – free
    Evernote – free
    Layers – $3 – good for quick sketches and such
    .-= Ken´s last blog ..Lego remote loader =-.

  5. Here is a new one to take a look at – ChurchLink offers a complete turn-key mobile app solution. Have your church up and running in minutes!

    God bless!

  6. Nice application. Thanks for sharing the information of the best church app for iPhone. Church app is also helping us to fill up the registration form of events over the phone. Now we do not need to go to church for fill up the registration form.
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  7. Wow nice iPhone apps for churches. Thanks for sharing and introducing with these iPhone churches.

  8. I have read your blog. Nice blog. You have written about the iPhone apps for churches. Really church app is playing a big role to connecting people with the churches.

  9. Nice blog. You have shared very attractive apps for churches. Thanks for sharing these.

  10. ProRemote – for users of ProPresenter – control visuals from your phone or iPad
    FrequenSee – helps find feedback frequencies to adjust house EQ
    Remote – for PowerPoint – have some guests use PowerPoint & can hand them my phone to run their slides
    Frozen Ape Tempo – metronome with lots of useful functions, like programming in a setlist
    I also have a couple of tuning apps – always handy


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