Social Media Training & Consulting

Embracing the digital landscape has quickly become a motivation for churches to understand Social Networking. Unlike traditional media, social networking is a two-way conversation with people who come into contact with your ministries - in real time. As the author of the E-book "The Reason Your Church Must Twitter", I've defined just one of the many technologies and social platforms impacting our culture today. Well beyond Twitter, I help churches understand the big-picture perspective of measuring, tracking and, most importantly, engaging with people in real community online. Churches can't mistake Social Networks as a fad or a trend; they're more than the new equivalent of e-mail and will continue to rapidly expand and bring people together. Let me spend an hour or two in a phone consultation with your church, offer a training presentation for your church to use in-house and provide the right strategies for connecting social networks with your communications efforts.

Volunteer Systems & Processes Training

I love training church techies! No matter the size of the church, I am always able to enjoy learning about the style and flow of each church's worship service and providing practical ways for them to take their skills to the next level. Most of what I teach is based on how to maximize your current gear, so Pastors don't need to worry about me coming to them with a gold-plated equipment wish list! Some of my best memories have been in training techies how to communicate with their leadership, develop consistent practices, troubleshoot before things get out of control and replicate themselves to help grow their technical ministry.

Church Management Consulting

Pastors - this one's for you! Learning to leverage technology as a force-multiplier for ministry means evaluating your current management tools, processes and systems. Chances are, you don't have a good idea of all of the metrics, much less an understanding of the health of various ministries. From reviewing your current church management software best practices to helping re-define the objectives, goals, strategies and tactics, I help church leaders see with fresh eyes and honest measurement.

Church Tech Job Placement

If you've ever gone to a church job placement website, then you know how vague some churches can be in describing their technical personnel needs while other churches seem to want Superman for the job! We've partnered with multiple church staffing firms to best serve each church's needs. From creating the job descriptions to helping interview candidates, I understand the heart, capacity and tenacity of creatives in the hiring process.

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