Finally, pastors have help to cut through the clutter of technology, communications, and vendor promises.

Leading your church is hard enough; dealing with the ever-increasing need for better church communications, improved technology solutions, and growing healthy volunteer teams is more than most pastors have time to manage. That’s where an honest, ministry-minded consultant steps in: Anthony Coppedge.
Anthony has worked in the secular world of A/V, the ministry world of church staff and the para-church ministry world with three companies that serve the church space (AuxanoFellowship Technologies and Worlds of Wow!). Today, his consultancy focuses on helping churches and para-church ministries leverage appropriate systems, processes and technologies for more effective ministry. Anthony leads out of his strengths of effectively caring for people, efficiently managing resources and enabling scalable growth.

Digital Engagement – Communicating Personally with Technology

Are your church communications competing with each other for attention? Chances are, your ministries don’t know they’re spamming your key volunteers, leaders, and attendees with too much information and not enough activation. Starting with an assessment of your current communications, systems, and process, I help churches develop holistic communication strategies, processes, and metrics so that what you say has value and is actionable.

Get started with an online assessment and end up with a complete digital engagement that puts the personal touch back into ministry communications.

Social Media – Measurements that Matter

Embracing the digital landscape has quickly become a motivation for churches to understand Social Networking. Unlike traditional media, social networking is a two-way conversation with people who come into contact with your ministries – in real time. As the author of the E-book “The Reason Your Church Must Twitter“, I’ve defined just one of the many technologies and social platforms impacting our culture today.

Well beyond Twitter, I help churches understand the big-picture perspective of measuring, tracking and, most importantly, engaging with people in real community online. Churches can’t mistake Social Media as a fad or a trend; it’s more than the new equivalent of e-mail and will continue to rapidly expand and bring people together.

Click here to take a quick assessment of your current social media efforts and schedule a time to connect personally with me.

Church Management Software Consulting

Pastors – this one’s for you! Learning to leverage technology as a force-multiplier for ministry means evaluating your current management tools, processes and systems. Chances are, you don’t have a good idea of all of the metrics, much less an understanding of the health of various ministries. From reviewing your current church management software best practices to helping re-define the objectives, goals, strategies and tactics, I help church leaders see with fresh eyes and honest measurement.

Changing – or starting to use – church management software is a big deal. Frankly, it’s a big decision with a lot at stake. Get the peace of mind that cuts through the marketing hype and sales pitches to find out if what you’re considering is a good ministry fit for how you do church. Click here to get me on your side in this important decision making process.

Volunteer Systems & Processes Training

No matter the size of the church, I am always able to enjoy learning about the style and flow of each church and providing practical ways for them to take their volunteer teams to the next level! I help staff and key leaders understand how to better communicate with their leadership, develop consistent practices, troubleshoot before things get out of control, and replicate themselves to help grow healthy volunteer teams.

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