My Why

When we’re living and working in sync with who we are created to be, something special happens. Rather than introducing myself with what I do, I begin with who I am: a relational leader who cannot keep myself from creating organizational structure and processes to establish a healthy team environment. I have a penchant for Oxford commas, a focus on relational leadership, and an appetite for data-driven insights.

What we choose to do is based out of what we believe about ourselves. I believe in exampling relational leadership with empathetic listening skills and decisive decision-making. I believe that investing in people maximizes productivity and builds the strongest culture that aligns with the mission of the organization. And I believe that without an articulated vision for an organization, it is impossible to properly align strategic plans with tactical execution.

We’re all on a journey; mine has included redeeming who I was with who I have become. The grace and mercy that’s been shown to me are the biggest part of my why today.


“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

My Experience

My diverse experience has a common thread: I connect disparate concepts into strategic plans and organize the work into systems and processes.

Being outcomes-focused means I won’t jump in tactically without first defining what success will look like before we begin. I love getting stuff done; it just needs to be the right stuff.

I’ve had the honor of leading and managing teams, the excitement of speaking at a number of conferences, and the privilege of seeing my writing published in magazines, blogs, and on industry websites. My experienced has been shaped by my work for not-for-profit organizations, small businesses, and a couple of seriously large enterprises. The common denominator was not the work I did, but the way I did it: relationally.

I’m fortunate to have worked with some truly stellar individuals and been a part of some terrific teams. Through the influence of these people, I have learned the following:

  • 1-on-1’s are not a luxury for management; they are the cultural pulse and avenue for personal growth.
  • Agile Marketing is the most effective way to lead creative and technical MarCom teams.
  • Building scalable, repeatable systems & processes is a safe framework for teamwork.
  • Measure only what you value; then value what was measured to make meaningful decisions.
  • Asking ‘Why?’ should result in clarity; asking ‘Why not?‘ should result in innovation.
  • Customer-focused. Mobile first. Data-driven. These form the trifecta of personalization in a digital world.

“We can only lead people well if we’re clear and accurate about where we’re leading them.” – Bob Hamp 


Top 5 Strengths

As my LinkedIn profile demonstrates, my experiences have ranged from large church staff to technology sales to Agile Marketing. My passion is people, regardless of the context. What I do flows out of who I am.

My top 5 Strengths are evidenced in things that interest me:

  • Strategic – I love the physical strategy of the beautiful game (soccer).
  • Ideation – My love of words and writing are full of ideas and invention.
  • Activator – I naturally see patterns in data, systems, and processes. I can’t wait to turn ideas into action.
  • Relator – My management style is formed through leadership and shaped by working hard with others in relationship.
  • Command – I seize opportunities to speak plainly and directly to difficult decisions.